I am a Berlin-based filmmaker with a passion for telling stories about people, science and nature. I studied biology at University College London. You know the stuff: Darwin and evolution. Animals and viruses. Genes and genealogy. It's all connected in weird and wonderful ways; an eternal playground, where I find the topics for my films.

During the Ebola outbreak I spent two months in Liberia, following a story of guilt and forgiveness in times of Ebola. WE WANT YOU TO LIVE has been shown in Germany, France, Scandinavia and the United States and has won the 2017 Grimme Award.

Just before, I spent two years on the trails of another virus: HIV. I crisscrossed central Africa, from the forest regions of Cameroon to medical labs in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Hidden in tissue samples from colonial times laid the answer to how the AIDS pandemic came about: it was the colonial conquest of central Africa that created the conditions for HIV to jump from chimps to humans and eventually infect millions all over the globe. THE BLOODY TRUTH has been shown in more than a dozens countries worldwide.

Often, but not always, I am also the one behind the camera. It's a good way to see the world from the Arctic to Africa, from Asia to South America. My clients are Arte, ZDF, DW, CNN, Vice and others.

I won a couple of awards for my work. Since 2011 the PULITZER CENTER ON CRISIS REPORTING has been supporting many of my projects.