...has been a blast! Many new partners for my Ebola film. Thank you all!!!

My upcoming documentary on the Ebola outbreak in Liberia ("Ebola: Death in a Village") was chosen as one of the projects to be presented at the Meet Market at Sheffield Doc Fest. 

PBS International will distribute my upcoming documentary on the Ebola outbreak in Liberia.  

I am on a little tour through the US to screen and talk about my documentary on the origin of the AIDS pandemic. If you are in New York, Washington, St. Louis or Philadelphia, please come and join me!


Since mid-November, I have been in Liberia to gather material for a documentary on the Ebola outbreak in the rural part of the country. While cases in Monrovia have dropped, Ebola is spreading through the towns and villages in Bong county. Here, we have chronicled how the outbreak has affected the lives of ordinary Liberians. 

Volles Haus und tolles Publikum bei der Premiere meiner Doku AIDS-Erbe der Kolonialzeit im Babylon in Berlin. Der Film läuft am 28.11. um 21:50 auf arte. 

A research paper in Science reveals how HIV had started to spread and diversify in Kinshasa by 1920. In my upcoming documentary, I will look into the whole pre-history of the AIDS pandemic and ask what lessons can be learned with regard to emerging viruses.

My report from Peru's Manú National Park is online now. It investigates how humans and wildlife can co-exist.  Also check-out Global Ideas Facebook feed for some stunning images. 

My documentary on bride trafficking in India will air on CNN between May, 2nd and May 7th at various hours. It will be part of CNN's impressive Freedom Project. Watch this space for more info. 

My webdoc 'Mumbai Madness" is a finalist in the 2013 Online Journalism Awards (category 'feature large'). Quite an illustrious competition like the NYT "Snowfall" project. Fingers crossed. 

The sad story of the Delhi rape case comes to an even sadder end: for many, the death sentence may bring justice. But it does not solve the underlying problems. I had a hard look at the situation in rural India.

Have a look at the totally brilliant magazine of the Wissenschaftskolleg. Each year, top-academics from all over the world spend nine months in Berlin to ponder on question such as: do strange quantum effects influence how organisms work? Or can computer models tell us why species go extinct? Here are two portraits of young and outstanding scientists. 

I just have returned back from Congo where we started filming our documentary on the origin of HIV. We are tracing the remains of a mysterious tissue archive dating from colonial times that allows scientists to understand how the AIDS pandemic began. The places we visit, the people we meet are just incredible. We will return in September for the second leg of this journey.